Bexhill benefits from some wonderful and unique events. These events bring a sense of community and civic pride to the town, often providing a platform for local societies, small businesses, artists and performers, and they make a significant contribution to both the well-being and economic development of the town. The wide variety of events which take place, both large and small, bring together volunteers from many local groups. Although some events are profit making and set up by commercial organisations, others are run entirely by volunteers and rely on sponsorship and donations to remain financially viable.  Friends of Bexhill Events was set up in 2017 to help raise funds for three 'not for profit' events . At that time, we were established as a very small community fundraising organisation called ‘Three Events Bexhill’. The events we supported to begin with were Festival of the Sea, Bexhill Roaring 20s and the Christmas Lights. 

We gradually evolved to be more flexible in our support for the varying needs of the ‘not for profit’ sector of event management in Bexhill, and in 2018 we renamed ourselves ‘Friends of Bexhill Events’. In 2019 we were able to use our experience to offer advice and support to a number of events in Bexhill and began to network more widely and work more collaboratively with other local groups such as the Bexhill Lions, Bexhill 100 Club and Bexhill Heritage. We raised well over £5000 for 'not for profit' events in 2019.

We are currently beginning the process to apply for charity registration which will hopefully enable us to access new funding streams and tax exemptions in the years to come.  


Bexhill winning the Guinness World Record for the most people dancing the Charleston in 2015.  

Below are the draft purposes which we are considering for inclusion in our application for charitable status.


‘Bexhill’ is defined as the nine geographical Bexhill wards covered by Rother District Council or the proposed future Town Council

Actual Purposes 

  • To advance citizenship, community development, arts, culture, heritage and science in Bexhill by offering support to organisers of events which have a clear community purpose, and by signposting organisers to sources of advice.

  • To advance citizenship, community development, arts, culture, heritage and science in Bexhill by promoting events in Bexhill which have a clear community purpose.

  • To fundraise for and donate to a limited number of not for profit community events in Bexhill which fit the criteria agreed in our group constitution.

  • To advance citizenship and community development by promoting civic pride in Bexhill as an ‘event centred’ seaside town.