Introduction to Quiz (Claire Baldry)


1. Play as a team/bubble or individually

2. There are no time limits. You can stop the videos as often as you wish

3. Asking Google or Alexa is cheating, but we won't know!

4. If you spot a mistake, feel free to message us, but please be kind

5. The quiz is free, but donations to the Christmas lights in Bexhill would be welcome 

Round 1 (Ben Gibson)


Round 1 Answers

Round 2 (Terry Byrne)

Chemical Names for Household Products

Round 2 Answers (video)

Round 2 Answers

Round 3 ( Brian Drayson)

General Knowledge

Click on 'play arrow' to see video. PLEASE STOP THE VIDEO AFTER QUESTION10 IF YOU NEED MORE TIME, AS THE ANSWERS  FOLLOW WITHOUT A PAUSE.  Once you press play the screen can be enlarged by clicking in the bottom right corner of the video.

Round 3 Answers (printable version  

Round 4 (Ben Gibson)

Music (Warning contains some flashing Lights)

Round 4 Answers